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What does Love to Speak offer?

Speech Therapy

Speech & Language Therapy 

  • Articulation & Phonological Impairments

    • Articulation treatment helps correct speech sounds and  increase intelligibility of speech. This treatment focuses on the motor and phonetic component of the error.

    • Phonological treatment is geared towards patterns of speech sound errors. This treatment targets the linguistic and phonemic  aspect of a speech sound error.

  • Fluency: This treatment helps those who have moments of dysfluent speech or stuttering concerns. 

  • Receptive & Expressive Language: Language treatment helps children understand and use language in a functional way to communicate and comprehend. 

  • Early Intervention: For the birth to 3 populations working on speech and language acquisition. A "play-based" therapy model that makes therapy fun and engaging in a child's natural environment.  

Accent Modification & Reduction

Accent reduction and modification services are geared towards individuals who have a language (or languages) other than English who are seeking to become more intelligible to communicative partners. Many times, adults have frustration that their accented-English is impacting them at work or in social settings. Individuals may report that others have difficulty understanding them. Accent modification in speech therapy can help individuals speak more comfortably, effectively, and confidently with peers and their community. 

Business Discussion
Speech Therapist
Speaking Practice

Myofunctional Therapy & Swallowing

"Myofunctional" means muscle function. Myofunctional therapy works to support the muscles of the face and mouth to help an individual speak, breathe, eat, and swallow appropriately with muscle exercises. This type of therapy can help clients from age 4 and up who have underlying orofacial dysfunctions.

Myofunctional therapy is beneficial for: 


  • Tethered oral tissues/ TOTs (e.g., tongue tie)

  • Sleep disordered breathing (e.g., apnea & snoring)

  • TMJD

  • Stroke neuromuscular re-education for swallow 

  • Speech sound difficulties

  • Dysphagia, feeding and swallowing disorders

  • Elimination of oral habits (e.g., thumb sucking)

Where do I start?


Schedule a FREE Consult

A free 20-minute consult to get your questions and concerns answered. This is a great way to assess what you or your child needs from your speech language pathologist. 


Schedule an Evaluation

Once we are all clear on what services are needed, we can set up an evaluation to assess and create a customized treatment plan for you or your loved one.


Make Your Therapy Appointment

The fun part! Let's begin working on your individualized goals and help you reach optimal functioning.

Service Locations

Accessible and client-centered therapy options

Your Home or Office

We can come to you in the comfort of your home or office. 


An ideal option for the busy family or working professional.

Office in Vienna, VA

Come on into the Merrifield/Vienna office. 

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